Are you kidding me?

There are not many times I am completely shocked but a few weeks ago, a friend managed to achieve that emotion from me. We were having normal conversation as always which consisted of me giving my attempt at stellar advice for a situation I’d never once experienced which turned out to be quite the challenge, indeed. After I’d finished my long winded conversation with a cup of tea in my hand and a headache forming in the Occipital Lobe, she casually mentioned I should be a Life Coach as if it were a simple fact like telling a stranger the sun is a ball of gas, eventually waiting to waste away and die out. It completely bewildered me as I choked on my tea because how could anyone so calmly tell me that  I should be a Life Coach of all things. I was inadequate for the position because life coaches exist to better others lives or remind them of the fact your environment doesn’t decide your fate by providing inspiring stories. I simply had none of that, but as I mulled over the topic which is something I find myself doing far too regularly these days at disjointed times that make me feel like death reincarnated when I’m forced to wake in the morning. However, I’ve rambled off topic, so what I’ve realized after long hours of dissecting the ideas is that life should not be measured by your triumphs and fails or the obstacles you may have had to over come. To succeed in life would simply mean that you’ve grown and evolved from the person you once were because living in the stagnant past is clinging onto wasteful shreds. Instead you should be most proud that if you’ve changed in someway that you’re living life in the correct way because you should always be mold-able and impressionable, willing to change for the betterment and improvement of yourself. Now as these changes occur though, never lose sight of the most important wisdom I could ever give you which is embrace yourself and live your life how you deem it because as Sandberg once summarized the only thing you’re given in life is time, and if you don’t use it, someone else will have no problem stealing the precious present.


I guess what I’m attempting to use words that fill my mouth so awkwardly is that if you’ve changed in life then that means you’re growing, learning, developing, and that is what makes life fulfilling. The idea that your life won’t amount to something simply because you haven’t been put through the same stresses as others is ludicrous because in the end we’re all lost souls looking to cling onto our shred of comfort in the unpleasant yet rewarding journey that is life.


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