Magic tricks are more common than you think

Lately, I’ve been binge watching a favorite move of mine called “Now You See It.” After having the lines drilled into my head every few minutes of the movie, I’ve spent quite a lot of time pondering the validity of them in other references other than magic, of course. If you’re unfamiliar with the movie, the main character repeats the line “Come in closer, closer, closer, as close as you can possibly get because the closer you are, the less you see.”

In my late night thinking, I’ve realized this mirrors in people as well especially when in a friendship. When we are looking afar at someone,  analyzing the simple things we do, we notice all the quirky little pieces about them. We notice the way they constantly appear to be obnoxiously positive, disgruntled, or simply somewhere in between. When we do not know someone other than as mere acquaintances, we learn of their flaws and positive attributes. We analyze what they succeed at and infer what their best traits must be from something as little as cheek bones to how rebellious they are. While we remain acquaintances, we watch then under steely, stealthy eyes in attempts to determine whether we find them acceptable to associate with us. We let their flaws scream at us glaringly obvious as if plastered upon the vintage comic book bubbles. Eventually, we either throw them to the side acting like a back up in case we ever actually need them, keeping he acquaintance under our reins as if to never free them because we reply to the occasional message or spontaneously go to dinner with them, only to never make that mistake again. Those are the easy people though because you’ve defined the friendship if you could even dare to call it that, but what of those who slither in with open arms willing to make you fall in platonic love with their gentle conversations and inside jokes you weave together like two spiders forming a secret with their threads of web but the pattern is only seen by the two who made it? What of them? This brings me to the sticky situation I talked of before. You’ve now gotten close, so close in fact that you text each other about irritating boys who choose Pokemon over you, or now you choose to go to the mall to laugh at the gaudy clothing and share an ice cream swirl that will ultimately end up smeared on each other’s shirt after one of you attempts to be mischievous. You’ve reached the level in which you know each other’s habits like the back of your hands and even understand all the reasons behind what they do even something as simple as what lipstick color is most preferred. You’ve gotten in close, irrevocably close, so close that you could almost reach out and grasp her soul. Tell me now, do you allow their flaws to glare at you? Do you notice the irritating habits she once had? Do you notice the way she constantly pushed you past the breaking point? Do you notice them the way you did when she was an acquaintance.  No, because now you’re so close that you’ve put up with it all and everything else that was of importance fades away like when the sun vanquishes heavy fog.


POOF! Magic Trick completed! Tell me this, did you even realize it happened, or were you too close to realize the trick had happened? 


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