Long Distance Luck

As a child, I remember playing silly little board games like Candyland in which your likelihood of winning was purely luck as you randomly drew a card hoping for a rainbow path or a fancy character to spring up allowing you to scream in excitement as you whizzed all your pieces in front of the rest in a silent grin, knowing you’d be victorious finally. It didn’t matter that in reality you happened to pick the right card or that you could not strategize or win the game with any of your own help for your fate was set/unless you cheated of course, but none of you ever did that right, not eveeer/.Well until now, I thought long distance relationships to be the same, pure luck if they actually configured into a working machine. Currently, two of my friends are getting to experience their first meeting after dating these people for over a year, and my mind is starting to reject my original idea that relationships are either slated to occur or dissolve because each of these people constantly thought of “throwing in the towel” and simply leaving the entire relationship as it was too hard.For the longest times, I’ve admitted to myself that I could never do a long distance relationship and those that participate them are slightly mad or just too infatuated with each other to give it up.   Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t automatically make this assumption, I’ve got some experience under my belt but soon after a few weeks it grew tedious and unworthy to me. At the time and even after for a long while, I heard the same horror stories from friends of mine, so I just pushed the ideas away deciding that the reason you heard stories of long distance working was because so few of them truly do so. In my mind, I imagined the chances like a gum ball machine, and maybe only all of the white ones would be the lucky winners destined to work out. However, everyone still was forced to put their quarters in which meant a majority of them would be left with broken hearts and wasted time upon something already foretold to fail. However, my perspective has been blurred a bit now because I’m watching all these people who have loved so fiercely for so long meld together as the bitter fades away, and you’re left with the taste of sugar upon your lips and happiness in the pit of your stomach. Each of them could have given up, but they loved so deeply and wholly that they chose to stick by each other’s side, and maybe that’s what Long Distance is about, plain and simply will not luck or infatuation, but can you endure the pain to reach the heaven that waits for you in the end. Can you love all of a person without the physical aspects and are you willing to pour your emotions and show all your sides to someone regardless of the consequences? 


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